Hip Pain and the #4

Having recently relocated to an area where there is abundant hiking, which is my bliss, I have been going on hour long afternoon what I call wood walks.

Having access to this is amazing, and I'm taking full advantage. However what I haven't been doing is stretching, specifically hips on down. That has resulted in extremely tight hips to the point of deep pain and discomfort. I've never been big into stretching and have always had extra tight hips and quads. We know what we need to do...

So backing off the walks a bit and being more intentional than ever about stretching hips, quads, calves, heels etc. has helped. But there is residual pain and discomfort while I work out of the deficit I created.

My work requires me to travel which results in my sitting. Sitting has it's own set of concerns, but for me it's the inactivity that fires up the hip.

I've talked about sleeping with a pillow under your knee, which I've been doing. What I've found is that the pillow take some of the pressure off the hip.

While travelling I've also used the small pillow to sit on, placing it under the hip that is bothering, and that shifts enough of the pressure to reduce the discomfort. Of course every couple of hours I'm able to get out and stretch and walk around which helps.

And a stretch that helps me tremendously is the number 4, as illustrated by the photo. It can be done standing or laying flat which puts less stress on the legs, knees and hips. Search online for proper technique, and don't overdo it! Start slow and breath into it. Tight hips make it is uncomfortable, but hold each position for at least 30 seconds, breathing and stretching just a little bit into the discomfort.

This has helped me, and I hope you find it useful. Peace.