Mantras, Stress and Sleep

It's no surprise that stress is what's most likely keeping us awake or waking us up in the middle of the night.  Hopefully for you it has backed off over the past year.  But it's still there to varying degrees.

While sometimes (again - not medical advice) some help outside of what we may be able to provide ourselves is necessary, other times depending on our circumstances and environment we may be able to provide our own lullaby.

Think about small children - either when you were a small child, or your children, or just your knowledge of children.  Rocking and lullabies are the tools parents use to calm.  If it works with kids, can it work for adults?  I think it's worth a try.

In a prior post I talked about breathing and steady state humming.  That is a great relaxation tool whether trying to sleep or walking in the woods or even taking a 5 minute break.  

With a mantra, this goes more to a word or group of words (not many at all) that you repeat to yourself over and over.  What this does is help block out the monkey chatter, what I call the gears between the ears.  The words can be anything that means something to you, as long as they serve you to help calm your thoughts.  It can be repeating any word or words and it doesn't have to look a certain way.  Rain if you like rain, wind if you like wind.  Whatever word or words calm you.  I use 3 - Peace, Trust, Believe.  It's a way of letting go control of that thing that is holding you in place.

You will drift back to the chatter, but once you recognize that, go back to your mantra.  It takes practice, and will not always achieve the results you are looking for.  But it's a starting point and practice to hopefully help you get a better nights sleep.