Stress and Sleep

Any other time, a conversation about stress and sleep would not be out of line.  With the past year, everyone's stress level has increased, either a little, probably a lot.  I think this topic is more important to look at now, more than ever.

There are an infinite number of reasons for stress, and almost as many topics on how to deal with it.  White noise, brown noise, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, nature walks, and of course meds.  Stress is a killer and lots has been researched on how to minimize it's impact.

One way that I've found that helps me work through things at night when they seem to creep in the most, is paying attention to my breathing, making sure I'm not taking short breaths, but lengthening out my breathing, in through the nose out through the mouth or nose, whatever is more comfortable.  Longer is better.  You can even count in and then out.  On the out-breathe you can also do a low soft growl like a tiger or like you are humming, but steady.

Waking in the middle of the night with the gears between your ears grinding away is no fun!  But it happens to us all from time to time.  A couple of years ago I was awake just before dark-thirty with a pillow under my knees.  As I turned onto my side and repositioned the pillow, the idea for PillowEase™ was born.  I thought about how to use a pillow to easily shift back to side and back again with minimal movement of the covers.  A pillow that moves with ease.  Pillow Ease.  PillowEase™

Remember, no medical advice is intended or given, just some ideas on how to hopefully help you get some better sleep.