The Eyes Have It

The full moon, job, family, finances, health, sprirituality, the list goes on.

When I started PillowEase™ the idea was born from wanting a better, nicer way to sleep with a pillow under my knees.

Finding that many others find the pillow useful in a variety of different ways is expanding the purpose and mission of the company.

Just about everything that goes into getting good rest consists of "environment". I propose that the idea of environment encompasses not only external factors, but also internal. Whether it's minor physical discomfort, chronic pain, "mind" discomfort, the internal and external are related more than we acknowledge.

For me I find I can be perfectly comfortable physically, but if my mind is racing at 3 in the morning, there is no sleep, there is no rest. Conversly, I can be sleeping like a dog, and some physical discomfort can bring me out of sleep and then the process of finding a comfortable position begins. It's a dance.

From the mental perspective, quieting the mind is the job, and relaxing the physical is the first step in quieting the mind. I've written before about relaxing the face. But even before that, relax your eyes. I'm betting when you are really thinking about something, you squinch your eyes, even just a little bit. Relax your eye lids by making the light, by almost opening them, but not. Feel like you are taking pressure or weight off your eyes. Concentrate on the feeling. Then move from there to your forhead, cheeks, mouth and jaw (open wide, big smile, then back) and on around your head, down your neck and the rest of your body. And breathe!! Slow and steady. Clear your mind. Use whatever your mantra or repetitive phrase is to block out the monkey chatter.

With just about anything, what's in the mind starts with the eyes.

To better rest! Peace