Hello, and Welcome to PillowEase™

Our main goal is to help others think about different ways of getting better rest. Whether a better nights sleep or rethinking about what a 15 minute afternoon nap can do, this is going to be where we share what we've tried, what's worked and what hasn't so much. This blog will also be where we share interesting reads and products we've found to help us with our journey to discover ways to be more rested. There will also be some ideas and articles relating to stress/anxiety management, and anything else we think is interesting and might be applied to a more rested and calm existence. The saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure has never been more true than today!

It is most important to understand and know that we are not medical professionals, nor have we sought the advice of medical professionals. What we will be putting forth for your consideration will be our own trial and error experiences, with our own stories that brought us to this point in life.


We hope you will enjoy what we bring to you. Most importantly, we hope you will find some of what we put forth to be helpful to you. 

While the past year has put in overdrive focus many things we've all known need to be looked at, it has also exploded the levels of anxiety and fear we all have. If we can help one person feel better, our mission will be on the right path.
Thank you, and we look forward to bringing you ideas and different ways of thinking about what rest and peace of mind can mean.