Been a Minute

So it's been quite some time since I've made a post.  I guess the main reason is because we've been working with a company to get our website "just right".  A lot of graphic considerations on the front end, and technicals on the back end.  That's finished and we hope you find what we've done useful to you.

But also, it's been something where I had the opportunity to take a bit of a break.  I still worked with my team but also let them take the reigns and I observed more than inputted.  It gave me the opportunity to step back and give more thought to PillowEase and what I think it's mission should be.  I'll expand on that later.

But what really came out of this bit of a break is the mindset of slowing down.  And by slowing down came some clear thinking.  Not just about the business, but also the personal which arguably is the more important of the two.

We are all busy. And we all get pulled in many different directions. And we all allow ourselves to get distracted in the so many ways that are available to us to get distracted.  I would argue this is not the best way.  A better way is to be less distracted, less connected and more in tune and present to the simple things and the things that really count: our health, our families and friends, our peace of mind and our sanity.

I can say we are all busy, but that busyness can lead to craziness and the feeling of being out of control.  I have a reminder that goes off daily: Your job is to focus on what you can control and let go of everything else.  We all like to think we have so much more control than we really do.  And it's that lack of control, in conflict with what we think we have control over, that causes us anxiety, stress and depression.

So simplify the things you can.  Control the things you can.  Make important those things that really are, and let the rest of it go.  Breathe, relax, take care of yourself, help your body and mind heal. Peace


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