• Reading in Bed

    While it's great to read in bed before falling asleep, it's now know all to well that reading from a screen is not healthy in any way, shape or for...
  • Hip Pain and the #4

    That has resulted in extremely tight hips to the point of deep pain and discomfort. I've never been big into stretching and half always had extra tight hips and quads. We know what we need to do...
  • The Eyes Have It

    The full moon, job, family, finances, health, sprirituality, the list goes on.

    When I started PillowEase™ the idea was born from wanting a better, nicer way to sleep with a pillow under my knees.
  • Head Space

    So I've been using the large PillowEase™ as my main sleeping pillow for my head the last couple of months. Here are a couple of observations from my time using the pillow.
  • How's Your Head?

    While the original purpose and design of PillowEase™ was and is for people who like to sleep with a pillow between/under their knees, we've gotten ...
  • Travel and Sleep

    Over the years I've tried many different solutions to help me get better rest on the road.  It's not easy!
  • Does the full moon affect your sleep?

    For many people, the few days before and after the full moon can mean a challenge to get a solid nights sleep.
  • More Stories

    If listening to stories helps you wind down, relax and fall asleep, see if this helps.
  • Relax your Face!

    With all the research that's been done on how important a good night sleep is, the mind/body connection is clear.  A quiet mind helps quiet the body, and a relaxed body helps quiet the mind. 
  • Mantras, Stress and Sleep

    Think about small children - either when you were a small child, or your children, or just your knowledge of children.  Rocking and lullabies are the tools parents use to calm.  If it works with kids, can it work for adults?  I think it's worth a try.
  • Many Techniques

    I know for me, if I will just stop reading my phone before I go to sleep, that makes a huge difference in my sleep quality.
  • Stress and Sleep

    Any other time, a conversation about stress and sleep would not be out of line.  With the past year, everyone's stress level has increased, either a little, probably a lot.  I think this topic is more important to look at now, more than ever.