Been Crazy!

It's been a crazy few weeks so I haven't made time to sit and write some.  Things are getting back on keel so I thought I'd revisit a few concepts regarding how useful a pillow is in our lives, even when we hardly give it any thought.  So here goes:

Sleeping with a pillow for support has several benefits, including:

  1. Improved spinal alignment: The right pillow can help to align your spine while you sleep, reducing back pain and improving overall comfort.

  2. Reduced snoring: Sleeping with an elevated pillow can help to open up airways and reduce snoring.

  3. Better circulation: Placing a pillow between your legs can improve blood flow and reduce joint pain.

  4. Facial support: Using a pillow can also help to reduce wrinkles and prevent puffiness by providing support to the face while you sleep.

  5. Increased comfort: Sleeping with a pillow can simply make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to get a better night's sleep overall.

These are just a few ways our pillows help us live better lives.  So make sure you have a pillow that works best for your needs.  Peace.

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