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Our Product: The PillowEase® Difference

Behind the PillowEase® brand, you will find the heart of our story lies in our innovative and patented pillow design, a creation born out of personal experiences and a deep commitment to providing unparalleled comfort and relief to those who need it most.

Mission-Minded Innovation

Our purpose here at PillowEase® is to create products that help people have a better quality of sleep, relieve their pain and discomfort, and promote rest and relaxation to improve their quality of life. 

This is why we take our three core elements of production very seriously. Our pillows are Hypoallergenic, Sustainable, and available in 3 Convenient Sizes to provide the perfect support to each person.


Our 100% cotton cover is hypoallergenic and made for comfort. It's especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. 


The fill of our pillow is made from 100% upcycled plastic. It's important to us that we protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Three Convenient Sizes 

Having three sizes of pillows means that everyone can enjoy the comfort of PillowEase® whether traveling or at home.

Versatile Applications

The true power of PillowEase® lies in its versatility. While it was initially designed to make sleeping with a pillow between or under your knees more comfortable, it has proven to be a game-changer for individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions. PillowEase®, with its patented design, allows for the gentle reduction of pressure on sensitive joints, delivering meaningful relief. The positive effects are not limited to knees and hips. Its uses extend to the shoulder and neck, making it an essential element of support and relief for any body part.

PillowEase® Product Options

PillowEase® offers a range of pillow sizes to cater to different needs:

Large Pillow (24" x 24"): This generously sized pillow provides the most substantial area of support. It can be your every day "night" pillow, offering comfort and relief for your legs, hips, and knees. 

Medium Pillow (20" x 20"): The medium-sized PillowEase® is full of benefits. It's perfect for more targeted applications, offering support without unnecessary bulk. Use it in a way that suits you best, whether it's for neck, shoulder, or arm support.

Small Pillow (18" x 18"): The small PillowEase® is designed for those smaller areas that require support. It's also an excellent choice for children or travelers who want to bring comfort wherever they go.

Each PillowEase® pillow comes with a 100% cotton case crafted with 500 thread count Sateen for a soft and luxurious feel. The fill inside the pillows is made from upcycled post-consumer synthetic fill. It's not only environmentally conscious but also comfortable and supportive.

Eco-Friendly Materials

PillowEase® is committed to using eco-friendly materials to minimize its environmental impact. The fill for our pillows is sourced from upcycled plastic bottles, which are broken down to resemble cotton fiber. This process results in a soft, cool, and shape-retaining fill. Our covers are made of 100% cotton Sateen, ensuring a soft and smooth touch against your skin.

Quality Craftsmanship

PillowEase® pillows are hand-stuffed and hand-sewn in the USA. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship is evident in every pillow we produce. We believe in delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Small Carbon Footprint

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that future generations can enjoy a healthy environment. We take great care to minimize waste in our packaging, use eco-friendly materials, and our responsible production processes all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Dedication to Better Sleep

At PillowEase®, one of our primary goals is to enhance the quality of sleep, rest, and relaxation. We aim to provide a better quality of life through better sleep and comfort. Whether you're using our pillows for pain relief, better sleep, or enhanced relaxation, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your best rest.