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PillowEase® Sizes & Benefits

Choosing the right size is key to experiencing ultimate comfort and profound pain relief. We invite you to delve into the variety of PillowEase® sizes tailored to your unique needs. 

Uncovering Pillow Sizes

Our PillowEase® range boasts three distinct sizes - small, medium, and large. Each size is designed to cater to specific preferences and body types.

We've included images to provide you with a visual reference, making it easy to select the perfect PillowEase® size tailored to your needs.

Choosing the Perfect Pillow Size 

Selecting the right PillowEase® size is crucial for optimizing comfort and pain relief. To make an informed decision, consider several vital factors including area of the body requiring support, your height, and if you will be utilizing the pillow at home or for travel. 

Small Pillow: Compact and ideal for children and travel, the small size provides targeted support to small & specific areas of the body. Many of our customers utilize this size for on-the-go head, neck, and shoulder support. Small pillows come with a pillowcase that measures 18x18 inches.

Medium Pillow: This versatile medium-sized pillow is perfect for users up to 5'8". Specifically designed to provide comfort and support the upper body, the medium pillow is the preferred choice for many customers seeking neck, arm, and shoulder support. Our medium option comes with a pillowcase and measures 20x20 inches.

Large Pillow: Many customers that are 5’ 9” and taller enjoy our large pillow as their go-to choice. Its extensive dimensions (24x24 inches) offer unparalleled comfort and support for a variety of uses, particularly for legs, knee, and hip relief. You'll receive one pillowcase with your large pillow purchase.

The Travel or Child Size Pillow

Our smallest pillow size is affectionately referred to as the travel or child size. This compact pillow is perfectly shaped for specific applications:

Travel Companion: When you're on the go, the travel size pillow is an excellent choice. Its small dimensions make it easy to pack, ensuring comfort and support while traveling.

Ideal for Children: This size is also perfect for children. Its smaller shape and size are comfortable for young ones, offering excellent support for their heads and necks.

For those using the travel or child size pillow, we provide valuable tips and advice to help you make the most out of this compact companion. These insights ensure that even the smallest PillowEase® size can deliver significant comfort and support. 


Benefits of the Right Pillow Size

Opting for the correct PillowEase® size yields numerous advantages, enhancing comfort and alleviating pain. Our unique patented design complements your chosen size, resulting in the following benefits:

Optimized Comfort: When you choose the right size, the pillow fits your body perfectly, reducing discomfort and promoting better sleep quality.

Pain Relief: The precise support the pillow offers significantly contributes to pain relief in the neck, shoulders, hips, and beyond.

Restful Nights: Bid farewell to restless nights filled with discomfort and awaken to rejuvenated mornings with the dependable, consistent support provided by PillowEase®.

Improved Quality of Life: By embracing the right-size PillowEase®, you can experience a marked difference in pain management, enhancing your overall quality of life.

To reinforce these benefits, we've gathered testimonials from customers who have shared their experiences with PillowEase®. These real-life stories serve as a testament to the remarkable impact of selecting the correct size and enjoying enhanced comfort and pain relief.

Making the Right Choice

Whether you're seeking better sleep quality or improved pain management, selecting the right pillow size is the first step to achieving these goals. By considering your height, body size, and specific needs, you can select the ideal PillowEase® size to experience unparalleled comfort and relief.

If you're ready to experience the benefits of PillowEase®, we invite you to explore our product range and the perfect size for you. Your journey to better sleep and enhanced comfort begins here.


And of course, should you ever have any questions or concerns when choosing the perfect pillow to meet your needs, Contact Us for more information or help determining the right pillow for you.