• PillowEase - Your Unique Path to Comfort and Relief

  • Discover this Amazing Health and Wellness Solution

PillowEase - Your Unique Path to Comfort and Relief

Discover this Amazing Health and Wellness Solution VIEW PRODUCTS
  • Our 100% cotton cover is hypoallergenic and made for comfort. It's especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

  • The fill of our pillow is made from 100% upcycled plastic. It's important to us that we protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Our covers are made of 100% cotton Sateen, and are soft and smooth to the touch

  • Our pillows are made in the USA and are sewn and stuffed by hand.

It truly has changed the way I sleep at night”

-Libby, Interior Designer

A True Fan talks about their experience with their PillowEase

Our customers' words speak volumes about the difference PillowEase® can make on your health & wellness. See how PillowEase® has transformed lives with comfort and relief.

I had hip pain for a while
and my physical therapist suggested that I try a pillow between my
knees/legs while sleeping. I tried several regular size pillows but
they were too big, too soft, etc. Then I found PillowEase and ordered
the medium size pillow. This pillow is the perfect size and shape and
is doing a great job - no more hip pain while sleeping! Thank you,
folks at PillowEase!

Mary R.

I love my PillowEase
pillow! I use it every night to keep
my back from hurting. I have used a pillow between my knees for years, but they were bulky and hot. PillowEase is so comfy and cool! It's easy to wash the cover too. There are several sizes, I use the small and the medium. You can use it on a plane, car, while reading- there are so many uses- and it is super helpful to keep pain at bay!

Melanie H

Thanks for your pillows. They have literally eliminated the cramping in my legs that was keeping me awake all night. I highly recommend them.

M. D. Wright

I have been ordering “special” pillows for years. I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my legs probably since the early 1980s, when I first heard about its beneficial effects on posture and alignment. I have tried big pillows, small pillows, bean pillows, foam pillows. I’ve tried them all! But I’ve never had one I like as much as your PillowEase! I don’t know what you’ve got inside, but the shape is brilliant. It just “fits”! And, while it gives all the support I need, because of its cut-outs, it’s light and cool and easily manipulated, as I flip from back to side and back again.


I absolutely love my pillow, can’t imagine sleeping without anymore. I have tried most “specialty pillow” on the market but will not need to try any other ones. Use it not only between my knees but also for lumbar and neck.Thank you for creating it, will be ordering more pillows in the future!

Mia vH.

The pillow is wonderful!!!! I use it every night! I think the design is brilliant! Thank you again so much!

Cristi K.

As a side sleeper your pillow relieved  my chronic shoulder pain. I have tried several other known brand  pillows for side sleepers, yet yours is the first to be effective for me .The pillow supports my head which helps take weight off my shoulder. Halleluiah

So wonderful that you use recycled products to make your pillows:)

Chris T.

Several months ago I received my first pillow from PillowEase which has made a big difference with the quality of comfort for sleeping. I not only use it for my knees, but because of it’s unique design, I have found it to be really helpful for my neck.
I have several of the small sizes as well which have been used by younger children traveling in car seats to help with the comfort of their sleeping.
Awesome company!

Lee G.

Since my knee replacement surgery 8 years ago, I have tried several types of orthopedic knee pillows--but none were helpful because they were all bulky, cumbersome and uncomfortable. During an internet search I came upon the PillowEase website and was intrigued. I ordered one and have been using it for about a week. I have nothing but praise for this product. The pillow is lightweight and provides just enough support without being bulky and uncomfortable to sleep with. Good job PillowEase!

Cathy F.

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