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Hello, and thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find it useful and helpful for some tips and ideas on comfort and relaxation, better rest and better sleep, and hopefully better health.

PillowEase® is a pillow I designed originally because I sometimes like to sleep with a pillow between or beneath my knees because of back discomfort from time to time.  I found that shifting back to side caused the regular pillow to tangle up the sheets resulting in needing to reposition the pillow and sheets, when all I wanted to do was shift my position.  So I came up with the design, and it worked! This was 5 years ago and the idea took a back seat to what at the time was my main business, as well as family, and life.

A year and a half ago I started to really give a big push to let people know about my pillow idea.  I had the design patented and the name trademarked.  I put up a Shopify sight and hired a marketing group.  But I could never get the traction I thought the pillow should have. So about a year ago I pivoted and decided to look at how people who had bought the pillow were really using it.

What I found is that putting it out there focusing on people who like to sleep with a pillow beneath or between their knees was not really how the pillow was being used.  People were using it more for pain management, or how to make their discomfort less uncomfortable.  Yes, people use it under their knees, but also as a regular sleeping pillow, a reading pillow, under their arm, shoulder, hip and a variety of other ways.  The small pillow is used as a travel pillow, and our dog even likes it.  Go figure.

I use the pillow regularly under my knee to take pressure off of it because of an injury 4 months ago that is slow healing.  I also use it as a regular sleep pillow, and I put it under my shoulder from time to time to take pressure off a torn rotator.  

So this is the first post of a journey that I, again, hope you will find useful in helping you with whatever discomfort you want to make less uncomfortable.

To better rest, and better comfort.



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