You and your pillow: Something to think about.

When you think about your pillow, my guess is that you don’t give it much thought.  You rest your head on it when you go to bed, and you straighten it up when you get up in the morning, and that’s pretty much it.  Or is it?

Have you ever really thought about your pillow? How much you rely on it?  How much of an integral part of your life and well-being is it? 

While your pillow is an inanimate object, it sure does “witness” a lot about you that nothing, or maybe even anyone, else does.

Yes, you sleep with your pillow.  You might cry into your pillow.  Some people relieve stress by screaming into their pillow.  Some people punch theirs.  Some people play and have pillow fights.  Some people sleep with it under or between their knees.  And there’s plenty of other ways people use their pillows that the pillow is uniquely “privy” to.  And to be honest, we all probably do some or all of the above.

So that makes your pillow pretty important to your well being, in a lot of areas you may not think about.  And that’s a good thing. 

Your pillow should be “invisible”, there when you need it or want it, and something to not think about otherwise.

Just a different way to think about something that really is an integral part of our lives.

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