Our Story

Our Story

Why another pillow you may ask? We are not in the bedding industry, but know sleep is important. And, if you are looking at our product, we share a common enemy - sleepless nights!

PillowEase® was born from the desire for a better, more comfortable, solution for sleeping with a pillow between or under your knees, to get a better night’s sleep. Gerry would have occasional lower back pain and would place a pillow under his knees. It seemed to help, but would be too bulky and hot, and was difficult to adjust if he wanted to move to his side and place the pillow between his knees. When Paige was pregnant, she enjoyed the relief a body pillow provided to her aching lower back and hips, but did not like how hot it made her. When Gerry shared his idea with her for making a more comfortable pillow that would be less bulky, cooler and easier to reposition, she knew it could be helpful to pregnant mothers. She wished she had had something like it!

We are passionate about preserving the spirit and craftsmanship of local entrepreneurs and artisans, and protecting our environment by using eco-friendly materials as much as possible. Our end goal is to produce goods that are better for people, animals, and the earth. Our pillows are made in the USA and are sewn and stuffed by hand. Our fill is made of 100% plastic bottles, broken down to resemble a cotton fibre. It’s very soft, cool and keeps its shape! Our covers are made of 100% cotton and are soft and smooth to the touch. We have no wasted space in our packaging, and shrink the pillow down so we can use a smaller box. We fervently believe in leaving as small a footprint as possible, to help preserve our environment so our children and our children’s children have it to enjoy.

We are your average couple, who got married and started a family. Both entrepreneurs, we are still crafting and molding what we want to do with the rest of our lives. It’s our dream to create products that people can benefit from and enjoy. We are dedicated to creating and providing something that can help you have a better quality of sleep, and as a result, a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

We are a small, family-owned business, and we are grateful for your purchase. Be on the lookout for more products from GP Tek Solutions and PillowEase®

~ Gerry and Paige


Our Mission

Our Purpose is to create products that people can use, find useful and benefit from on different levels. We are dedicated to creating and providing those things that can help people have a better quality of sleep, rest and relaxation with the aim to result in a better quality of life.

How We're Different

What Makes PillowEase® Different



Our 100% cotton cover is hypoallergenic and made for comfort. It's especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.



The fill of our pillow is made from 100% recycled plastic. It's important to us that we protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.


Two Convenient Sizes

Having two sizes of pillows means that everyone can enjoy the comfort of PillowEase® whether traveling or at home.

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Responsibly Made


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